Ensure your company information is correct:

  • Registered Details
  • ABN
  • Logo
  • Regulatory Profile
  • Addresses

Administrators can update this information at any time.


Add teams and invite users for controlled access to your TIQK data.

Teams and Users:

Add a Team:

Administrators are able to:

  • Add a team
  • Give it a name and description
  • Add team members into the Team. 

Invite a User:

To access TIQK, a user will need to be invited by an Administrator.  

People related to your organisations (for example Representatives) are reviewed in compliance audits but cannot access your data unless invited. 

  • Invite a User
  • They will receive an email invite 
  • Then the new user can login, set a password and complete their profile
  • Users will then be able to access the folders and run an audit
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