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New in this release

  • Added support for November 2017 ASIC Regulatory Guide updates in audits

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved text contrast and font sizes on Audit Result printouts
  • Added clearer sort indicators to column headings in Audit Results
  • Fixed an issue where the Send Feedback option for an Audit Result did not always include the correct information about the file being audited
  • Fixed an issue where spaces in your ABN might result in some audit results reporting as non-compliant
  • Fixed an issue where the audit analysis for Cash Reserve strategy might not complete successfully
  • Fixed an issue where an audit analysis related to a client's Assets and Liabilities might return an unexpected result
  • Fixed an issue where the Audit Result showed the name of the person who uploaded the Statement of Advice, not the person who conducted the Audit
  • Every second counts! We've reduced the number of clicks you need to make by putting the cursor automatically into fields that require your input, for all on-screen forms and fields.
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