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New in this release

  • Add your organisation's corporate email and website contact points for analysis in SoA audits
  • No more guessing: tooltips have been added to all icon buttons
  • See a summary of live system status in the left-hand panel; click-through for current and historical TIQK platform performance:

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where the breadcrumbs navigation in the top AppBar didn't always reflect the current page when moving between sections
  • Fixed an issue where an Authorised Representative's Number listed in certain formats were not detected
  • Performance and analysis improvements for SoAs that contain certain recommended strategies
  • Fixed an issue where our Live Chat feature could merge conversations between different users in the same organisation
  • Updated our DNS entries to reduce the risk of billing-related emails from our subscription service partner (Zuora) being caught by your spam filters

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