Introducing the TIQK Dashboard

The new TIQK Dashboard gives you a real-time, consolidated snapshot of analytics and patterns emerging from your Statement of Advice audits:

The Dashboard features include:

  • Real-time updates based on live Statement of Advice audits
  • Risk trends
  • Compliance Risk Heatmap that pinpoints potential areas of concern
  • Statement of Advice audit statistics
  • Representative exposure / deviation from your organisation's average Risk Rating

Introducing the TIQK Compliance Risk Rating for Statements of Advice

The TIQK Compliance Risk Rating is a new weighted score calculated for each Statement of Advice, based on TIQK's detailed audit analysis.

Displayed in the new Audit Results screen, the Compliance Risk Rating gives you an at-a-glance assessment of the level of risk in the SoA.

Other new features in this release

  • If the Statement of Advice does not contain Insurance recommendations, the audit will exclude certain insurance-specific audit attributes
  • When running a file audit, you can now choose from a list of all related Financial Advisers and Representatives associated with your organisation
  • You can now choose which page you'd prefer to see after logging-in: find this setting in Your Profile and Settings
  • Need to logout quickly? We've added a sign-out link to the left-hand side menu.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Representative license numbers with leading zeros were not correctly detected
  • Fixed an issue where the Email and Website fields on the Your Organisation / Overview screen would require a value before the screen could be saved
  • Fixed an issue where the top AppBar could extend into/over the left-hand side menu when the browser window was resized
  • Performance improvements

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