We love and value feedback!

There are a couple of options to send that feedback through to us:

Option 1:

  • Send Feedback

    From the side menu you're able to select 'Send Feedback' and email through any insights or issues you're experiencing.

Option 2:

  • Chat

    At any time of day, you're able to use chat to communicate with our team, send feedback through or just generally say hi. 

Option 3:

  • Send Feedback - related to an Audit Outcome

    Once running an SOA through TIQK, you can then analyse the results and if feedback is needed, use the 'send feedback' button.

    By utilising this function it will send extra information to us, for example:

    - Audited By
    - Audit Date
    - Document
    - Audit Item
    - Result
    - Notes

    We value this feedback and insight as it helps us to continue to grow TIQK and better serve our customers.

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