Our API enables your developers to create TIQK-powered apps and integrations beyond our imagination.

Take advantage of TIQK's fast and accurate audit technology to build solutions that match your specific business needs. For example:

  • Automatically submit Statements of Advice generated by your systems to TIQK for risk analysis before they are sent to clients;
  • Enrich your Financial Adviser profiles by integrating their TIQK audit results directly into your CRM;
  • Visualise, mashup, and trend TIQK audit data in the business analytics tools you love, like Tableau and PowerBI;
  • Perhaps even build a branded smartphone auditing app for field teams - the possibilities are endless!

Experienced developer? 

Head on over to our API developer site for details on how to connect to and work with our RESTful API:

Not sure about APIs? Start here.

How it works

An Application Programming Interface (API) provides a way for applications to securely connect and talk to each other at a system level. 

By providing API -access to the TIQK platform, we've given your software developers the ability to build custom apps and systems that can tap into TIQK's smart and accurate audit technology.

The TIQK API currently offers system-level access to the following features:

  • Securely browse the files and folders stored in your TIQK account;
  • Upload files to your TIQK account;
  • Run Statement of Advice audits, and download the results in a structured data format suitable for further analytics in your own tools and platforms; and
  • Delete your audit results and/or physical files from the TIQK cloud platform.

Getting started is easy

a) Create an API Key and Secret

These are used by your app developers to securely connect the apps they build to the TIQK platform.

Log in at https://tiqk.io and go to Your organisation > API integrations for instructions:

Because they provide full access to your TIQK account, only your TIQK Administrator(s) can view that page. You should also only share your API Keys and Secrets with trusted developers.

b) Give the API Key and Secret to your developers

As well as the link to the TIQK Developer API documentation site: api-docs.tiqk.com

For an example of how to integrate live TIQK into a custom Microsoft PowerBI or Excel dashboard, see: https://help.tiqk.io/tiqk-developer-api/using-microsoft-power-query-to-visualise-your-tiqk-data-with-excel-and-powerbi

Terms of Service

Your usage of the TIQK Developer API is covered by the TIQK Developer API Terms of Service.

Need help?

Email us at help@tiqk.com or start a conversation with our team using the Chat bubble on any screen.

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