Our goal is to make SoA document audits a one (1) or zero (0) click task for our clients. 

We ask you for the least possible amount of information to conduct an accurate audit, and our smart algorithms are designed to perform audits with almost no involvement. Our modern user interface guides you through the steps for your first audits, while making it easy for experienced users to manage large volumes of SoA documents.

To audit an SoA:

  1. Login to your account at https://tiqk.io/login
  2. Upload the SoA into TIQK. This will usually take between a few seconds up to about 20 seconds for larger documents (or slow network connections). 
  3. Tell TIQK the name of the Financial Adviser who is considered the document's owner or publisher using a quick-search feature. This provides an audit "baseline"to verify important information in the document.
  4. Seconds later, see the audit results on-screen.
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