Our Customer Success team are available 5 days × 8 hours × 52 weeks, 08:30 to 17:30 – Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays (AEST) via:

  • Personalised onboarding support for new clients
  • One-click LiveChat on the TIQK website, and on every screen in the TIQK web app (tiqk.io)
  • Searchable, up-to-date Knowledge Base 
  • Email based support via help@tiqk.com 
  • Direct Message support via Twitter 
  • Detailed, automatically measured Service Level Metrics available for every client
  • Real-time and historical system availability and performance data shown inside the TIQK web app and on the dedicated system status website.

We also publish a plain-English Service Level Schedule detailing our support options, availability, and performance objectives.

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