TIQK includes a complete multi-tier authorisation and authentication system. This allows our clients to configure their TIQK account with multiple users each with different permissions and access to uploaded content.

TIQK users will normally be people in your organisation. For example:

  • Compliance managers
  • Executives
  • Auditors¬†

While TIQK does consider Financial Advisers and other people during a document audit (if relevant to the audit), those people do not need to be invited as users to your TIQK account - unless you want to share your documents and audit data with them. TIQK obtains their data through a variety of live data services during the audit process, even if they are not invited to your TIQK account and teams.

Possible roles for users that your invite to your TIQK account:

  • Administrator: can create teams, create shared folders (which can contain files that anyone in the organisation can view), can upload files to any Team or Shared Folder, can run audits on any file, and can invite new users to join their TIQK account
  • Billing Manager: can manage your TIQK subscription and payment methods, and download invoices
  • Team Manager: can invite users to the Teams they manage, can upload files to any Team Folder they have access to, and can run audits on any file they have access to
  • Team Members: can view uploaded files in Shared Folders, can upload, view and modify any files in the Team Folders they have access to, and can run audits on any file they have access to
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