Yes. You can delete one or more uploaded files from the system at any time (assuming you have relevant account permissions to access and delete that file). 

To delete one or more files:

  • When viewing an audit result for a file, click the trash can icon in the upper right, or
  • When viewing a list of files in a folder, click the checkbox next to each file you want to delete, and then click DELETE on the action bar that appears at the top of the screen
  • In future releases, triggering a delete action via the published TIQK API 

Deleting an uploaded file does the following:

  • The original uploaded file (PDF or DOCX) is deleted from the system, and eventually from all backups
  • The internal system representation of the original document is deleted from the system, and eventually from all backups 

Deleting a file does NOT delete the following information from the TIQK platform:

  • The complete audit metadata and results. Note that this does not include any document content except for the name of the file. 

TIQK retains the document audit metadata for complete traceability regarding document audit results, and to provide your organisation with quantitative compliance reporting metrics, trend analysis, and anonymised peer benchmarking (in future releases). 

Deleting your TIQK account completely will result in a complete removal of your subscription, user accounts, documents, audit metadata, and organisation data from the platform, and eventually from all backups through normal backup cycles.

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