New: Streamlined upload and auditing

Introducing a streamlined way to upload and audit large volumes of Statements of Advice files:

  • Drag-and-drop files onto any folder – live indicators will keep you informed on progress
  • Start auditing faster – just click in the Financial Adviser column, type a name or adviser number, and click the Start Audit button
  • As-you-type, the list of suggested Financial Advisers now loads twice as fast

New: At-a-glance audit analytics

Folders now provide useful information at-a-glance, including a results sparkline and the name of the Financial Adviser on audited files:

New: Clearer audit results

Audit results now appear in a pop-up window, with clearer analytics:

New: Refreshed Dashboard

We've given the Dashboard a fresh look to improve clarity and interpretation of your Audit analytics.

For the big picture your Dashboard now defaults to the past 30 days.

You'll also notice that we've updated the title of some of the charts to more accurately reflect their Regulatory analysis basis.

New: Add and remove roles from your users

Users with suitable permissions can quickly make another team member a Team Manager, Administrator or Billing Manager (or remove any of those roles) in the People section:

Fixes and improvements

  • We've renamed the section where your store and audit your files from "Your materials" to "Risk assessment" to more accurately reflect its role
  • Fixed an issue where the 30-day organisation average line marker on the Financial Adviser exposure chart was placed in the wrong position
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to add a credit card for billing did not work until the second attempt

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