What's new 

  • New audit rule to analyse if a proposed asset allocation is within a defined threshold; where it is not, tests if justification has been provided in the SoA
  • TIQK now automatically identifies the date an SoA was published during an audit, for a more refined analysis that considers the SoA document format in effect on that date
  • Improved PDF download of an SoA audit result, now with Best Interests results included

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved the layout of the Your profile & settings screen to make it easier to use on different device screen sizes
  • Fixed an issue where the popup menu to select a Financial Adviser before running an SoA audit may be displayed partially offscreen
  • Fixed an issue where an Asset Allocation issue message may have appeared incorrectly on the Best Interests tab of an SoA audit result
  • Fixed an issue where the Intercom chat button may not have appeared consistently on-screen
  • Increased the number of decimal places displayed next to the SoA audit results Regulatory tab compliance breakdown chart, to clarify the values
  • Fixed an issue where the link to help / more information for Best Interests results did not work

Monkey Mia beach image:  Phil Whitehouse / Flickr

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