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Add an extra layer of security to your TIQK login with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA, a.k.a. Multi-factor Authentication). 

When enabled, on login you'll receive an additional security code sent to your mobile phone via SMS, or generated by an app on your mobile phone.

This means that even if your username and password are compromised, the chances of a someone else having access to your 2FA codes and therefore your account are unlikely.

To turn on Two Factor Authentication for your account, visit Your profile & settings.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Added a new, optional Document Date parameter to the TIQK Developer API file audit endpoint. By default TIQK automatically identifies the document's published date. However you can override this to force TIQK to audit the Statement of Advice against the SoA format in effect on a specific date. For more information, see: https://api-docs.tiqk.com
  • Fixed an issue where re-running an SoA audit resulted in the published date being displayed incorrectly.
  • Improved the logic for analysing Financial Strategy Alternatives in SoAs to ensure they are only audited for AFSLs that include them.

Image credit: Rob Taylor / Flickr

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