What's new

  • Explore a sortable, filterable breakdown of the compliance audit results for all SoA files on your Dashboard:
  • To enrich your custom data analytics and system integrations, our Developer API now returns the following additional metadata with each audit result: file properties (file name, file ID, file published date), Financial Adviser name, the regulatory categories for each audit attribute (e.g. "Fee disclosure"), and Best Interests analysis results (total number of issues, text descriptions for any issues found). For more information about the Developer API, see https://api-docs.tiqk.com 

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Where audit results incorrectly showed an analysis of Company, Trust, and SMSF analysis when they did not apply to the client organisation
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to create two root folders with the same name
  • Enhanced file upload time
  • Enhanced security to allow alpha numeric passwords
  • Fixed a bug where deletion of all files inside a folder would occasionally fail
  • Fixed a bug where the PDF version of an audit result would show repeated attributes
  • Fixed an bug where it might not have been possible to delete a subfolder that had the same name as its parent folder

Whitehaven Beach image credit: dany13 / Flickr

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