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Comments on audit results

You can now add your comments or notes to Audit Results. Comments on a file's results are visible only to those people in your organisation who can view that file:

Invite Financial Advisers to audit their own SoAs

Invite Financial Advisers into teams in your account to conduct their own audits. For organisations with many Financial Advisers, we've made it easy to bulk import them from an Excel CSV file under Your organisation > People > Import Users:

Fixes and improvements

  • We've made it easier to see where to drag-and-drop files for upload and audit, and we've clarified the options available after you've added files
  • We've improved the readability and layout of the downloadable Audit Results PDF file
  • We've improved the on-screen text and icons in file lists to make it easier to quickly see the status and available actions for audited and unaudited files
  • Fixed an issue where a Team may have been incorrectly listed more than once in Organisation > People 
  • Fixed an issue where the High risk attributes tile on the Dashboard showed an incorrect count
  • Fixed an issue where team names that differed only in letter case were considered different teams (e.g. "A Team" and "a team")
  • Fixed an issue where changing a team's name did not automatically update the name of its related Team Folder

Image credit: Andy Hay / Flickr

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