Mira is an advanced Artificial Intelligence engine that was designed for compliance analysis.  

Building on the detailed and accurate results captured from every SoA regulatory and Best Interests audit, Mira can provide risk insights that simply weren’t possible before. 

While you might not "see" Mira when using TIQK, if you’re in financial services in Australia you’ll see the benefits it can bring.  

The first release of Mira introduces a new dimension to our SoA audits – one that the market told us it was keen to see delivered.  

Now and for the first time there’s a truly automated solution to detect so-called “cookie-cutter” financial advice in SoAs.  

We believe that smart technology doesn’t have to be hard to use 

Rather than overwhelm you with vast datasets and probabilities, Mira simply surfaces a straightforward and useful analysis when a potential cookie-cutter issue is detected: 

The analysis includes a clear explanation of the relevant scope of advice, and a list of the other files containing similar advice.

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