Analysing Goals & Objectives with Mira, our A.I. engine

Today we're introducing a big new feature running on Mira, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine.

During every audit Mira will now also analyse the client's stated Goals & Objectives to assess whether they are accurately covered in the SOA's Strategies.

If issues are detected, they are raised under the Best Interest tab in the audit results, for further review.

New controls for Dashboard data visibility

A new option is now available under Your organisation > People that allows Administrators to control how much data is displayed on the Dashboard to members of their organisation, based on their team membership. The choices available are:

  • The Dashboard will only display audit data from files in Team folders that a user has access to, as well as from files in any Shared folder; or
  • The Dashboard will display data from every audit in the organisation.

A fresh new look for the Dashboard

We've also improved how information is displayed on the Dashboard:

  • Improved chart colours and tooltips for better clarity
  • Improved the layout of columns and text in Dashboard tables so that all important information is visible at different screen sizes
  • Updated the Regulatory Risk Matrix scatter plot to make it clearer and easier to understand when there are overlapping data points
  • Changed the Regulatory Attributes breakdown to a horizontal stacked bar chart, to match the way this information is presented in audit results in the rest of the platform
  • Better contrast on the sparkline charts in the High Risk Attributes tile

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Increased the maximum length of a Team's name from 25 to 50 characters
  • We now display the optional Team description in the list of teams in Your Organisation > People
  • Fixed an issue where there was an incorrect error message that could appear on the Edit Team name dialog
  • Fixed an issue where non-Admin users could upload files into Shared folders in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where sorting of teams in the Your organisation > People section did not work reliably
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to remove Billing Manager role from a user account in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where an Assets and Liabilities -related audit rule was showing incorrectly in certain audit results
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